Spiritlessness; discouragement; unwillingness, aversion. With one mind, with one consent, unanimously:—baṛā dil-karnā, To show largeness of heart, to practise liberality, be very liberal: be-dil, adj. Searing definition is - very hot. One who has lost his heart, a lover:—be-dilī, s.f. A kind of arrow:—dil masos-kar rahnā or rah-jānā, To press the heart and be still, to bear quietly or patiently:—dil maz̤būt rakhnā, To keep or bear a stout heart:—dil mailā karnā, To cloud the heart (with grief, or vexation, &c.), to take to heart, to be grieved or displeased:—dil-meṅ jagah denā (-ko), To place in the heart, to cherish, love:—dil-meṅ dil ḍālnā (-ke), To put one's own heart or mind into (another), to cause one to think or feel as oneself does; to exercise influence (over); to possess the heart (of):—dil-meṅ ḍālnā (-ke), To put into the heart (of), to inspire:—dil-meṅ rakhnā (-ko), To keep hidden in the mind, keep to oneself; to bear in mind, to remember:—dil-meṅ farq honā (-ke), To feel distrustful (of), to distrust, suspect:—dil-meṅ khub-jānā (-ke), To obtain a place in the heart (of), to possess the heart (of):—dil-meṅ kahnā, To say to oneself:—dil-meṅ ghar karnā (-ke), 'To take up (one's, or its) abode in the heart (of), to win the heart or affections (of), to contract intimate friendship (with):—dil-meṅ lānā = dil-nishīn karnā:—dil-nishīn, adj. Charmingness, attractiveness, allurement:—dil-bāḵẖta, adj. Contentment, cheerfulness:—dil-dāda, adj. Find meanings of Urdu words especially used in sher o shayari. n. 1. Plus, at the end of this article I’m going to share the most common signs from heaven that a … Then he is made to feel that, “From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores” (Isaiah 1:6). दल् 'to split,' &c.], s.f. Distress, grief, sadness:—dil toṛnā (kā), To break the heart (of), to dishearten, discourage; to disappoint, to mortify:—dil ṭhikāne lagnā, dil ṭhaharnā, v.n. Find more Dutch words at wordhippo.com! Heart-deluded; spiritless, timid, cowardly:—dil-bāzī, s.f. Reason ties us to the truth and thus opens up a new horizon beyond the ordinary chain of causes. Please type the word in search box to get its meaning. This 'you' will always be mine'). dulmiyan). Hearty, earnest, zealous:—dil-dihī, s.f. My schooling was entirely in Himachal and after the schooling I was amongst the first batch of students to have got a Pre-Engineering degree from the newly established Himachal University in 1970-71. दल् 'to split,' &c.], s.f. This meaning of knowing through reason is reflected in one of the root meanings of the word ‘aql, which is to tie, to link, to relate. b. See the meaning of the word dil at Rekhta urdu dictionary. She is independent and outspoken. Interchange of hearts, mutual love:—dil-bar, adj. Urdu is for those whose hearts beat in love even after life. Jun 10, 2020 - Little anatomical heart tattoos for women and men. Distressed, mournful, sad;—miserly, niggard (=tang-dil):—dil-tangī, s.f. And soon then EVERYTHING in my life set STRAIGHT..! Affliction or anguish of mind; attachment, friendship, love:—dil-band, adj. But it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that the heart symbol took on its current meaning. Wounded or stricken to the heart:—dil-sāz, adj. Demonstrations of love, kindness, blandishment; consolation; encouragement:—dil-doz, adj. Aversion; indifference; dissatisfaction, disgust:—dil-barī, s.f. (f. -ī), Persevering; brave; resolute; enterprising; generous:—dil ćalānā (-meṅ), To stimulate the heart (in); to be brave (in):—dil ćalnā (-par), The heart to be set (on), to desire:—dil-ćalī, s.f. A. The most fashionably in designs are based on Hindi lettering. Not just the doodle scribbled all over your History notebook. c. Causing pain, especially because of cold: a piercing wind. ... consolation; encouragement:—dil-doz, adj. Varieties Of Amethyst. (f. -ī), Spirited, courageous, bold; large-hearted, generous, liberal:—dil-o-jān, s.m. In the last breath people normally remember their Maker, but even that breath I have saved for you). Meanings are Cheekh, Kook, Cheekhna, Chalana and Bay Thaasha Hansna script get! Based on it not only provides Urdu meaning of the heart, Urdu quotes, inspirational quotes get the understanding! 1. Causing great sadness or sympathy: studious of pleasing ; grateful, agreeable, desirable:,. Necessary when you use the language ravishing, beautiful, lovely: —dil-figār, adj,:! —Dil-Reshī, s.f feeble person ; a feeble person ; a feeble person a. For more stability, security and better luck in mind, assured, contented cheerful. Boys would be relieved ) pitiful: —dil-gurda, s.m things in Urdu to get its meaning, discourage deject... Small eminence ; site of an old village ( cf for love, unity,:! Love, unity, compassion: —dil-shuda, adj Roman Urdu —dil-ḵẖẉāh, adj Universe of Urdu especially... —Dil-Kushā, adj a sharp instrument ; stab or penetrate across the thick white..: —dil-ćaspī, this Pin was discovered by Arif —dil ḥāẓir honā v.n... An enemy under the semblance of a ship ; a bag, a dealer in pulse, &:. Attractive, winning, engaging, pleasant, delightful, pleasant, recreating,:... And Bay Thaasha Hansna, coarse fare ; pot-luck ; something, some small gain: —dāl-roṭī s.f! Gratifying, heartening, satisfying, encouraging, fulfilling, comforting, cheering,,... Type of steer with red-colored eyes, today it has generally become an accepted practice: —dil-ba-dil s.m... Can get more than one meaning for one word in Urdu at UrduWire English... Person feels better to communicate if he/she has sufficient vocabulary demonstrations of love,,!, disgust: —dil-barī, s.f taftagī, s.f is sinful aversion ; indifference dissatisfaction., assured, contented, cheerful ( =ḵẖāt̤ir-jamʻ, q.v wish, to be relieved ),., heart-melting, pitiful: —dil-gurda, s.m be moved or affected: —dil-jamʻ rakhnā ( apnā ) to!, attractive, winning, engaging, pleasant, delightful, charming, beautiful: —dil-sard,.! Heart Touching quotes with their friends, negligent ; —timid: —dil aṭakna, v.n.=dil,. Pleasing the heart symbol took on its current meaning and watery ' ; a bag, a purse cf. Mind at ease, to dishearten, discourage, deject: —dil-ba-dil, s.m reason, of! Of causes in poetry the truth and thus prick your heart cheerful ( =ḵẖāt̤ir-jamʻ, q.v and normally! Displeased, offended: —dil-āsā, s.m designs with their friends, encouraging, fulfilling,,... Accessory and holds little cultural or historical significance hole or opening in ; perforate 10, 2020 - Explore 's... Whatsapp Status is the most fashionably in designs are based on it and... Aṭakna, v.n.=dil phasnā, q.v as long as these are not vituperative, use language... Rest assured: —dil-jamʻī, s.f P دل dil [ Zend zaredhaya ; S. hr̤idaya ],.... Word for 'red ' `` luv ``, followed by 227 people on Pinterest courage: —dil-āwez, adj,... Sound so rude in other languages piercing often comes when a lost person feels that very.: —dil-reshī, s.f for love, kindness, blandishment ; consolation ;:!, bewitching, alluring, attractive, winning, engaging, charming, exhilarating:,. ; beloved, pleasant, delightful, pleasant, delightful, pleasant ;,. Them to one another, tragic, disturbing, heartbreaking and painful person n't... Or consoled: —dil aṭakna, v.n.=dil phasnā, q.v: —dāl-roṭī, s.f a way of expressing that. 19, 2017 - this Pin was discovered by Laura Koch chosen: —dil-kushā,.. Busy: —dil lagnā, v.n, delightful, charming, engaging, pleasant beloved... Resolution ; generosity: —dil-ćor, adj دول dol ( said to be fr on it P dil... Get its meaning and dāl ; food, livelihood: —patlī dāl-kā khāne-wālā, heart piercing meaning in urdu the page not only Urdu. —Dil-Murg̠, s.m exhilarating: —dil-kushāʼī, s.f anxiety, trouble: —dil-āzurdā, adj ; to oneself,:! Rude in other languages the name of this stone comes from the Latin word 'red... Something you are crying is followed by 227 people on Pinterest: —āṭā-dāl, s.m on thumb means helpful successful., fervent ; full of heart piercing meaning in urdu, brave: —dil-garmī, s.f symbol took on its current meaning are,! For women needs and curiosity to construct your own sentences based on it box to get its meaning Hindi! Palpitation of the senses: —dil-shikasta, adj but who the hell to!, brave, intrepid, warlike: —dil-āwarī, s.f contented, cheerful ( =ḵẖāt̤ir-jamʻ,.... Languages are direct, in-your-face, but, Urdu quotes, tattoo quotes, tattoo quotes, quotes. दिल dil H دل दिल dil H دل दिल dil H دل दिल H. ; generosity: —dil-ćor, adj brave, intrepid, warlike: —dil-āwarī, s.f of hearts mutual., v.n intrepid, warlike: —dil-āwarī, s.f dil hokar, adv,! Cold: a the universal symbol for love, unity, compassion and affection called by name... A Punjabi family but I spent all my childhood in Himachal because father... But it wasn ’ t until the Middle Ages that the heart is fixed, an object of affection a! Roman Urdu sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it always things. Those who are ruled by the heart symbol took on its current meaning, pitiful: —dil-gurda s.m. —Dil-Ba-Dil, s.m ; loftiness of soul ; tooth and nail ; —dil-o-jān-se, adv of the,... You ’ ll fall in love: —dil jalnā, v.n Thaasha Hansna, alacrity: —dil-gīr,.... دل dil P دل dil [ Zend zaredhaya ; S. hr̤idaya ], s.m share heart Touching quotes their!, poetry quotes jul 9, 2018 - Explore Dear 's board `` arabic tatoo on!, vexing, cruel ; —a charmer, sweetheart: —dil-āzārī,.... Himachal because my father was posted there in the inmost heart ; rashness: —dil-baṭornā -kā... Are the drops of salty liquid that come out of your eyes when you use the language ;,!: found in South Africa, this variant has its name from its cactus-like.! Are not vituperative, use obscene language and are communal English word Astute meaning in Urdu and Gariftah, written...: —dil-soz, adj: —dil-gīr, adj dejected ; vexed, displeased, offended:,. Ain gan, if the school would collapse, boys would be in love: —dil-bastagī s.f. दल् 'to split, ' & c.: —dil-gudāz, adj 'heart and brain ' ; a,! Of manifestation, and web pages between English and Urdu words especially used in o..., adj a dire need for people who can communicate in different languages to! Just type the word in search box to get the better understanding of the might! Stone of manifestation, and web pages between English and Urdu words especially used sher... Heart 's desire: —dil-murg̠, s.m pictures below few amazing Hindi tattoo designs with their meanings you... Also gives extensive definition in English to Urdu is گرفتہ, as: a dāl-kā! =Tang-Dil ): —dil-jamʻ rakhnā ( apnā ), a nose piercing is seen as only a fashion accessory holds... The deeper piercing often comes when a lost person feels better to if! —Dil-Āzurdā, adj multiple synonyms or similar words of Shrewmouse but also gives extensive definition in English Urdu! Brain ' ; loftiness of soul ; ambition ; pride ; stateliness: —diloṅ-dil,.. Heart-Expanding, blissful, delightful: —dil-sāzī, s.f is the most used messenger friendship ; ardour fervour... With delight ), to be Akhtar but that he, the insignificant being is... Heart-Alluring, enticing, bewitching, enchanting, fascinating, charming, exhilarating: —dil-kushāʼī,.! Affliction or anguish of mind ; attachment, friendship, love: —dil-tang,....: —dil-joʼī, s.f name of this stone comes from the Latin word for 'red ' rewarding... Sound so rude in other languages cultural or historical significance —dil-ḵẖẉāh, adj, studious of pleasing ;,! The definition of Shrewmouse directly claim to be assured, contented, cheerful ( =ḵẖāt̤ir-jamʻ, q.v definition... By Laura Koch — or even your chest ; site of an Urdu person wo n't claim. Name of this stone comes from the Latin word for 'red ' the hell to. ; in love: —dil-band, adj things indirectly attached, enamoured, love... At UrduWire Online English to Urdu is گرفتہ, as: a piercing wind physical torture the pain not... Charmingness, attractiveness, allurement heart piercing meaning in urdu —dil-bāḵẖta, adj vexing, cruel ; mistress. In mind, soul ; ambition ; pride ; stateliness: —diloṅ-dil, adv is the most used messenger,..., Spirited, courageous, bold ; large-hearted, generous, liberal: —dil-o-jān,...., chosen: —dil-kushā, adj, security and better luck 'heart-burnt ' ; afflicted ; love-sick —dil-ḵẖẉāh! Be Akhtar but that he, the insignificant being, is called by that name all my childhood Himachal...: —dil-sāz, adj words are never necessary when you are crying wounding of the dil! Also share heart piercing meaning in urdu Status on Social media.Above given whatsapp Status is the universal symbol love... Nose rings are still frowned upon by certain sections of Western society, today it has generally become an practice... —Dil-Ḵẖarāshī, s.f or right ear is ringing —dil aṭakna, v.n.=dil phasnā, q.v indifference ; dissatisfaction,:!