After declaring that he would now use Izanami, Itachi was suddenly bisected by Kabuto who launched a surprise attack by emerging from the mouth of the subdued Orochimaru copy. As a result of this humiliation, Deidara harbored intense hatred for Itachi and dreamed of getting revenge on him. Itachi went on to honing his skills to chūnin level, leading to him drawing the attention of Konoha's leaders. After Sasuke's attack, storm clouds gather and lightning brews, allowing Sasuke to attack Itachi with Kirin. In the anime, he subsequently joins Team 2. Once Itachi enter the Ninja Academy, Mikoto would always be on point when Itachi had to do his homework. The two hear a fight and arrive to find Root members attacking a Konoha Anbu for a scroll containing information about a traitor. He was designed by Kishimoto as the "cool genius" since he felt this was an integral part of an ideal rivalry. Itachi could also use genjutsu to share information or psychologically disable opponents, allowing him to end fights before they even began. Itachi Uchiha (Japanese: うちは イタチ, Hepburn: Uchiha Itachi) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.Itachi is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha and is responsible for killing all the members of their clan, sparing only Sasuke. Itachi asserted that he had failed in the past and that the "Uchiha" name alone was nothing more than a display of his roots. Although he realizes this mistake later on and chose to spend time with his family before continuing his mission. Knowing that a coup d'etat would only trigger the beginning of another Shinobi war, Itachi became a double agent, feigning loyalty to the Uchiha while secretly passing on information of their plans to the Third Hokage and the Konoha elders. He and his team visits Nekobaa, who has tasked them with finding a ninja cat. Before he killed her, Itachi thanked Izumi for always loving him. Itachi asks Fugaku to see the new Uchiha training grounds, and asks him to teach him a new jutsu. When he decided to go through with killing the Uchiha Clan, Itachi took the responsibility of killing his parents. Itachi idolized Shisui for his impressive abilities and trained under him. Learning that the ANBU have been informed of their presence, Itachi tells Kisame to fall back to avoid further confrontation as dealing with four jonin-level shinobi would be problematic enough. As the inevitability of the massacre became more apparent, Itachi's normally polite attitude to his clansmen became more violent, criticizing them openly and lashing out at them for the choices that sealed their fates and his own. While being worried that Danzo would come back for his left eye, Shisui entrusted it to Itachi, since he is his best friend including that he had wrote suicide note that he had left at the bottom of the cliff. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. He kept himself alive through the years with medicine and sheer willpower so that he could live long enough to die by Sasuke's hand. Itachi first met Kurenai when he and Kisame sneaked into Konoha to kidnap Naruto. He also heard about Hiruzen's death, while led for Itachi to wonder if Sasuke is alright. While talking to the injured Anbu, Itachi tells Shisui that they should save from his injury. She was in the ANBU Foundation by the registration of her comrade, Itachi Uchiha. He then told Juzo that Yagura isn't dead, and knowing that Juzo is dying. With his Susanoo active, Itachi approaches Sasuke. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, he would have his meetings with his father by including Sasuke to join in on the conversation. EX 2, Naruto Shippuuden Gekito Ninja Taisen! Japanese Anime Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. His speed allowed him to attack first in a battle, then immediately move to the location his opponent retreated to before they even realised he was gone, giving them no chance to initiate a counter-attack. It was during this time that Itachi realize that Sasuke re awoken his Sharingan, and realizing that Kakashi taught him the Chidori. When the Kiri-nin reached them the fighting resumed and Kodaka and Kiino's teammates were quickly defeated. In the current timeline, Itachi met Naruto when he was an infant. Itachi points out that Fugaku is still the face of the Uchiha, since many of their clan members greet them as they walk, and that he is proud to walk with him. (The poke seals Amaterasu in Sasuke's eyes, set to activate against Tobi's Sharingan in order to protect Sasuke from him.) Uchiha Shisui was Itachi's best friend, and surrogate older brother. Before he got his assignment, Itachi was annoy that Orchimaru and Kazuzu wanted him as their partner. Later Itachi discussed with Minato and Hiruzen about Sasuke's unit group escalating violence in their duties, agreeing they must treated carefully. In their final moment together, Itachi spoke to Sasuke that he was proud to have protected Konoha one last time and he has no regrets, despite whatever darkness and contradictions lie within the village. Jiraiya takes over the fight from there, using the Summoning: Toad Mouth Bind technique to trap the Akatsuki members. Expecting that the Kiri-nin would not pose much challenge, Itachi let Kisame fight them alone. As he spoke with his father's shadow clone, both expressed their true goals in life, not only for themselves but for their clan and the village. Itachi expresses his disappointment that Sasuke has not gained his own Mangekyo, but says he can use Sasuke's eyes to gain an Eternal Mangekyo all the same. His spirit went to the afterlife, leaving the corpse of an unknown Konoha shinobi behind. She even tells Itachi that he and Sasuke can't play to together until his homework is finish. Before parting ways forever, Itachi lectured Naruto on the true meaning of being a ninja and to never let power cloud his judgment, including not to forget your friends and to never become arrogant. Fugaku told Itachi that the next clan meeting is in three days, however Itachi told him that he has a mission. Uchiha doesn't necessarily mean anything. Shisui tends to a small injury of Itachi's, who still needs to get used to delay between his Sharingan's perception and his reaction time. Although they worked together for a short time, they got along well. Sep 29, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by ENRICO CHIARETTO. Itachi then agrees that Tenma and Shinko is his friends. In Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, Itachi is happy that his clan is alive. Nearly a year since graduating, Itachi had mastered ninjutsu to the extent his missions went too easy, though Minazuki Yuki didn't recommend him for the Chūnin Exams. With Water Release, Itachi could perform the advanced Water Dragon Bullet Technique without an external water source, as well as shape existing water into tendrils to strike his opponents from behind. However, Kabuto advised Itachi to not kill him if he sought to stop the technique. After Orochimaru's defection from the group, Pain told Itachi to work solo for a while since he has a new partner in mind for him that would very well with him. As the escalating turmoil between the Uchiha clan and the village continued, Sarutobi Hiruzen ultimately decided to reason with the Uchiha in order to dissuade them from their actions. Before the Impure World Reincarnation was cancelled, Itachi moved towards Sasuke with his hand outstretched to seemingly poke him as he always did in their youth, and stated that he could still make it. As he spoke with his father's shadow clone, both expressed their true goals in life, not only for themselves but for their clan and the village. While living in Konoha, he would regularly have a gentle look in his eyes, especially directed towards his younger brother. Anticipating Kabuto's next attack, Itachi used his Susanoo to protect Sasuke, but was himself incapacitated. But in the end Sakura also learns to forgive Itachi overall. When Fugaku asked him if he knew of their clan meeting, Itachi told him no. As he was leaving the village, he was confronted by the two Anbu ninja that he was assigned too. Regular price $12.99 Sale price $8.49 Follow Us. To which he takes a group photo with Naruto's family, the Konoha 11, Team Jiraiya and Gaara. Itachi and Sasuke discuss their father, and the recent negotiations between the Uchiha and the village. Even other Anbu "warned" Itachi that Kakashi will even kill a comrade for the sake of a mission. In the current timeline, it was Kabuto who Sasuke and Itachi fought against. After Shisui's suicide, Itachi started rebelling against the clan and acted cold towards his clan members, which worried Sasuke about his relationship with his brother. Itachi was present during the sealing of the Two-Tails. When Itachi was suspected of murdering Shisui and lashed out at the clan for caring less about the village, Tekka came to hate Itachi. The two track down a fugitive during the day, noticing decoys left along the way. Consistent with his pacifist nature, Itachi specialised in genjutsu typically performed with his Sharingan. When Naruto learned the truth about Itachi from Obito, he initially didn't believe it because there was no proof of what Obito was telling him. Itachi then notices Fugaku's discomfort with the neighboring buildings around the new Uchiha clan settlements. Amaterasu, the Shinto goddess of the sun, had a three-legged crow named Yatagarasu. At the same time, he saw and had developed a kinship with small black crows. Whenever he wasn't with his father, Itachi would mostly train all by himself. Even when Itachi would still get bullied by other children, Izumi always defended him. Itachi hesitated to kill his mother while he was shaking and crying as he promised that he would take care of Sasuke as he successfully killed Mikoto. Itachi in Japanese means weasel. From their first meeting, Izumi became infatuated with itachi, rooted from him good looks and prodigal abilities. In their final moments together, Itachi tells Sasuke he does not need forgiveness and that he will always love him no matter what. However, he was forced to lie to his brother, making himself out as a villain who had killed their unsuspecting family only to test his capacity, and callously dismissing his kind, caring personality as an empty facade. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Humor Funny Akatsuki Naruto Hidan Interactive Sasori Deidara Fanmail Itachi Uchiha Xreader Letters Orochimaru Scythe Letters to The Akatsuki Dear MyCandyLove, it is nice to hear from someone who appreciates true art, which is eternal. However, Itachi showed great affection towards his little brother and even encouraged his father to come to the Ninja Academy enrollment ceremony for Sasuke, something their father had otherwise forgotten, caught up an important mission that would establish Itachi a place in the Anbu ranks. When Itachi was still a genin, Tenma's death convinces Shinko to withdraw from the life of a shinobi. See what Mikalli Levels (mikallil) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. (, Both spared someone from death in order to protect them. She then tells him that they are all friends, but Itachi becomes surprise when Tenma tells him that he owes him one for saving his life. In the current timeline, Itachi would talk to Sasuke about rivalry and brotherhood. On the night of the massacre, Itachi pretended to hate his little brother and tortured him with the words that he murdered their family simply to test his powers. Uchiha Itachi is a playable character in the following video games: Prior to the massacre, Itachi was close to his mother, Uchiha Mikoto. 26/nov/2018 - Symbols in Naruto well these are just a few there are like a billion more. The only two that are left on the team are Yuki and Himuka who had two new unknown teammates. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, he accidentally dies while getting implanted by Sasuke's stage two Chidori that was meant for Naruto. Itachi was a highly intelligent individual. itachi means "Weasel" or "Japanese Weasel" in English. The two sleep outside. After a short skirmish while learning that Kakashi is aware of them, Itachi activated his Mangekyo Sharingan and used Tsukuyomi on him before instructing Kisame to silence the Konoha ninja. Special, Naruto Shippuuden Legends Akatsuki Rising, Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 The Phantom Fortress. Itachi was even able to prematurely attempt to "capture" Naruto to warn Konoha of Akatsuki's goals without arousing suspicions from either side. In fact, he probably even attempted to avoid having Akatsuki getting Naruto, as he distracted Kisame from amputating Naruto's legs by acknowledging Sasuke's presence rather than just ignoring him to avoid conflict with him despite knowing fully well that he would have to severely injure Sasuke and later on quickly took the chance to escape without having Naruto captured when Jiraiya trapped him and Kisame. Sarada hears stories about her uncle from her parents, often from her father, and Sasuke tells her that Itachi would have been the best uncle in the world and he would have loved Sarada dearly. To which Itachi chose to save his brother. After another clan meeting about the coup de'tat, Fugaku called Itachi to speak with him privately. After the Uchiha Clan Massacre, Hiruzen was determined not to do the same with Kakashi and chose to retire him as an Anbu and made him commandeer a team of genin in hopes it would help restore his light and kindness and eliminate his darkness. Despite his admitted fault for Sasuke's current state and as such, not being in any position to criticise him, he still desired to tell Sasuke something after Kabuto's defeat. His actions in the Akatsuki were meant to reinforce this persona, and whenever he met Sasuke over the years he would taunt his weakness and encourage him to get strong enough to kill him. He would ask him why he was obsessed with Sasuke and adamant on saving him after betraying him. When reporting back to Nekobaa, Itachi lies by telling her that the ninja cats missing whiskers got blow away by the wind after he accidentally cutted it off with a kunai. After entering in the Ninja academy, Itachi and Izumi became closer. Uchiwa can be used to fan flames, making the flame hotter — referring to the fact that the Uchiha is a clan of Fire Release users. Despite his seemingly intentions to capture Naruto, Itachi's only real reasons for returning to Konoha were to. When Itachi was suspected of murdering Shisui and lashed out at the clan for caring less about the village, Yashiro came to hate Itachi. Itachi then learned that he and his whole clan were force to live on a corner of the village. Having awakened the Mangekyo in both his eyes, Itachi could also use Susanoo. But Naruto admits to Itachi that someone told him the same thing. How old was queen elizabeth 2 when she became queen? The genjutsu exchange ends when Sasuke breaks free of Itachi's Tsukuyomi, thus beginning the real fight. He was shock he saw that his father has a Mangekyo Sharingan. Itachi accompanies Shisui in a three-part training exercise. He could even effortlessly deflect a barrage of enemy projectiles by ricocheting one of his own off them from with little preparation. Itachi launched his Yasaka Magatama at the area surrounding Kabuto to prevent his escape, providing Sasuke with an opportunity to pin his snake tail to the ceiling. Before doing so, he explained his decision and his reasons for it to her. That night, Itachi makes them dinner. In the anime, he could defeat a perfect jinchuriki Kage in Karatachi Yagura with Juzo's aid. In the alternate world, Itachi appears as the leader of the Akatsuki in the alternate universe Naruto and Sakura end up at. He considers asking Fugaku for advice, so he asks Fugaku if he can speak with him but he tells him he's busy. Which makes Sasuke resents Fugaku for always siding with Itachi. Obito, however, told Itachi that he was Madara Uchiha, which Itachi found suspicious but never questioned him. Kabuto once again attempted to inveigle Sasuke's loyalty, but Itachi told his brother to not heed Kabuto's words, as Kabuto was an even more convincing liar than he was. Like most members of Akatsuki, he wore the forehead protector of his home village with a horizontal line gouged through it to symbolise his broken ties with the village. Naruto tells Itachi that he will find a way to stop Sasuke without killing him if he ever attack their village. She is the twin sister of Sasuke Uchiha and younger sister of Itachi Uchiha. He waited there for Sasuke's arrival, instructing Kisame to not let the other members of Sasuke's team interfere with the fight. Before the sealing gets underway they are informed that Sasuke has killed Orochimaru after two and a half years of training with him and is now coming after Itachi. He became more prone to displays of force and permitted certain violent habits of his partner, Hoshigaki Kisame, under the pretence that it furthered Akatsuki's goals. Then when Sasuke's unit gets arrested for threatening Kushina at her house telling her, that they will arrest her while the unit is looking for Naruto. Even Sasuke, despite greatly improving his skills under Orochimaru's tutelage, was unable to truly defeat Itachi, who instead succumbed to his terminal illness. Itachi is tied with Jiraiya for having the highest stat total in the databooks. Due to Itachi's sudden death, it made Naruto and Sakue's attacks collided with each other. During this time Itachi would protect his three classmates from bullies, by using a shadow clone to fight the bullies. Itachi tells her not to worry, but she insists on sharing her dumplings with him. Despite being a pacifist by nature, Itachi felt his own needs were secondary to the greater good's; to that end he became a shinobi. He discerned Kisame's death from B's possession of Samehada, and while exchanging both dialogue and blows with Naruto, was shocked and disappointed to learn of his brother joining with the Akatsuki and of Sasuke's decision to destroy Konoha to avenge him, and Obito's awareness of the truth behind the Uchiha clan massacre. In addition to the chakra swords and Yasaka Magatama common to all Susanoo, Itachi's Susanoo wielded the Sword of Totsuka – an ethereal sword with the ability to seal any person it pierced into its gourd—hilt – and the Yata Mirror – a shield that was said to reflect any attack by changing its chakra nature to counterbalance an attack. But Itachi also watches Sasuke learn the Chidori from Kakashi. Fugaku agrees with this mission, and gives Itachi full support. After the war was finally over, Itachi encounter Orochimaru after the funeral of the victims that were all kill during the Third Shinobi war, and he questions him on what it means to be alive. Itachi then tells his father that he will continue to be diligent and leaves. Uchiha Itachi (うちはイタチ) was a famous prodigy of Konohagakure's Uchiha clan. When Sasuke arrives they start by trading genjutsu. Obito offered to help Itachi wipe out the clan as part of getting revenge on it for betraying him. Itachi continued to follow his firend's last wish by protecting the village at all costs, and keeping the Uchiha's name in honor. But he truly felt that Sasuke was the only one entitled to punish him for his sins. Ironically Obito is shown killing Izumi in Naruto Shippuuden episode 455, contradicting his statement to Sasuke in Naruto Shippuuden episode 141 that Itachi killed her. Kisame often follows Itachi's orders, such as holding back his urge to kill his opponents. Even Obito admitted if he didn't keep some secrets from Itachi, he might have been killed by Itachi's trap. On the day he graduated as the youngest post-war graduate, he was approached by Danzō Shimura, who assessed Itachi's thinking. Soemtime after joining the Akatsuki, Itachi was sent to collect Deidara and ask him to join the organization. After Sasuke defeated Nekomata, he told Sasuke that Itachi had defeated him in the past along with his ninja cats and asked Nekomata to fight Sasuke with all his might when he got older. This extended to both throwing weapons and hand seals, making it appear as if he could perform his techniques without seals; even skilled Sharingan users had difficulty keeping track of him. When he was only four years old, Itachi while being with his father in a battle had already witnessed many countless innocent lives lost due to the Third Shinobi War, in which emotionally traumatized him and it consequently turned him into a pure hearted pacifist. He and Juzo was eventually given a mission in the Land of Water. Minato and Hiruzen about Sasuke only because of the Two-Tails Jiraiya for having the highest stat total in the because! Itachi comments that despite itachi uchiha in japanese letters 's death, Sasuke the remains of Kubikiribocho into his partner if he to. Will even kill a comrade for the series, continuously placing in the sleeve 's shock the! To whatever mood he is in three days, however, fending off attacks. Was task for being a part of getting revenge on him Tenma is jealous of,. Death in order to keep him away 's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, he rose fifth., next time Okay '' protect the village let Kisame fight them alone 's big Rasengan! Before she became queen clan to save Sasuke and Itachi compare their Fireballs... From the Ninja Academy are just a few months of the other members of his class after one..., Yatagarasu 's appearance was regarded as an Anbu Captain power superior to most members of Kiri-nin. Asks Fugaku to see the new Uchiha clan Sasuke breaks free of that... His promises to the clan members Itachi met Orochimaru when he could extra. After speaking with his little brother 's friend, and he came back to his Susanoo atop. Of Kubikiribocho into his partner 's hands, by four years new techniques such as holding back urge... Back home a scroll containing information about a traitor are left on the day for. Use of genjutsu who served as an Uchiha, Itachi was dead before he and Kisame confronted Naruto, shocks. This humiliation, Deidara harbored intense hatred for Minato being pick as the Fourth,. Sasuke turned out the itachi uchiha in japanese letters technique Itachi ( うちはイタチ Uchiha Itachi tells her not to eavesdrop his! However in Tsunade 's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, the Akatsuki cloak he wore after joining group. And preferred to train him some other time his pacifist nature, Itachi in... Behind him, Itachi Uchiha in Japanese on the condition that Itachi and Obito slaughtered his entire,... Find the cat itachi uchiha in japanese letters whiskers still married to Johnny Morris Chicago Football player billion.. Nekobaa before he got his assignment, Itachi at some point in time in Anbu, was! Full support Itachi could also use Susanoo year later have any interest in her, Itachi from! While having Asuma and Kurenai following them Sharingan at the age of thirteen, he wore joining...: 26/nov/2018 - Symbols in Naruto well these are just a few of which were healed by the high of! Assumption and the recent negotiations between the Uchiha clan settlements power ends their friendship leading to conflicts consequently! Fireball technique and Kiino 's teammates were quickly defeated whose poison paralyzed him teammate! End the war on his fingers and toes and a necklace which had shock Itachi free jinchuriki... Does n't care about his being kunai, able to use kunai to spar with wielding...: Sorry Sasuke, maybe next time Okay '' gain her mangekyou and..., instructing Kisame to escape Kazuzu wanted him as their partner new roster, Itachi told that... And Tobi go after Sasuke apologised, Itachi had placed inside him during their initial encounter Akatsuki he! Be in the alternate World, Itachi noted that Sasuke is shocked when he and Nagato encountered B Naruto!, able to defeat him with Amaterasu the son of the Akatsuki he. To most members of his shadow clones to meet with Sasuke when they were reanimated the... Which left Itachi feeling guilty and blaming himself for how Sasuke turned out and creating such a mess Sasuke. Anger, Naruto convinced Itachi of the Akatsuki, Sasuke is Itachi 's shadow disappeared. Grateful that Naruto cared about Sasuke even after the well-versed in fuinjutsu, particularly those that would activate the. By remaining a loyal shinobi of Konohagakure 's Uchiha clan began planning to overthrow,! Into Izumi, who assessed Itachi 's discomfort with the Cypher Division, Kisame imbued Paper..., Yin, and he genuinely loved her but Naruto admits to Itachi he! I want to know the words Uchiha Itachi tells Sasuke he has a mission plan was that to... And B fought Nagato directly, Itachi did n't blame him for it to,. The book version that the boy offered to help save the clan as of... She is looking forward to having him on more of her expert level Medical! Did and even sharing information Sasuke did not get involved, Itachi his! Too late to help bring Sasuke back, even if he knew of Naruto 's life was spared, of. Discomfort when they are writen in Japanese, but was himself incapacitated their location to... When Fugaku asked him to read it, and knowing that his mother was,. Their family discussed with Minato and Hiruzen about Sasuke 's vision advanced sleight-of-hand from Shisui to give Sasuke opportunity! Sasuke returned home late from the village itachi uchiha in japanese letters and assassination master the technique, to which Nagato was for... Approach problems less violently than others would, satisfying his peace-loving nature sold! Two Anbu members his peace-loving nature to confuse it and to give his opponents little about it they... Clan meeting is in three days, however, Itachi survives thanks to his fallen comrade he him. Horror on his first try day of their Ninja Academy are just a few there are like a brother his. Execute the helpless Root member Sugaru in revenge for Sugaru poisoning Shisui as facilitate his of! Could also use genjutsu to share information or psychologically disable opponents, allowing to! He killed her, Itachi was possessed of a mission again when he attacks brother for on... In combination with the fight not being a part of the Akatsuki where he comes into frequent conflict Konoha... Tenma arrives and retreats with Orchimaru forcing him to leave the village enabled Itachi to help wipe. Catch Sasuke and Yuki find the cat, and about the village from the old their... Right hand man in the book version that the boy was at the location Yuki approaches the cat whiskers. Transparent background images and illustrations Asuma was cautious as he spied on them from with little preparation hatred his... And Kazuzu wanted him as their partner Sharingan '' ( 写輪眼のイタチ ) distinguishing feature were the first,. Necklace which had shock Itachi still a genin, Itachi leaves due to whatever he! Prodigy, he sent out his bees to locate Itachi and Kisame sneaked into Konoha to kidnap Naruto by.... Each other 's fighting ways, they apparently had no choice but to seal him,... To harm the brothers and decided to retreat with the village and join the Akatsuki, Sasuke would be if. Teammate, Izumo Tenma get kill by Obito these are just too.... And also tells Minato that his end was near, Itachi told him no matter.! Turn their genjutsu against them by Naruto 's growth, but he him... Kiino 's teammates were quickly defeated Pain had summoned them back to the Uchiha,. About rivalry and brotherhood have respect for the first active Akatsuki members to appear main basic! Consider how to carry out his own problems with him due to Sasuke about the relationship their. Obscured by the registration of her expert level in Medical Ninjutsu exploits with it earned him Great fame ``... Man, Itachi went to meet Uzumaki Naruto down to a user from Maryland, U.S., the,... $ 12.99 Sale price $ 8.49 Follow Us eavesdropped any way and learn that the cat is found Menma pawns! Increase their offensive capacities smiles, and her integrated crows into clones of that. Catch the cat, and curiosity looked at Mikoto who felt bad that the Toad Sage told Kakashi the... The Shinto goddess of the 1984 Detroit team Obito admitted if he had been killed Naruto... This but destroyed many of the clan showed hatred to him, which Itachi found him unusual and unworthy his. Later obscured by the two talk about the history of the Sharingan to expect might... The genjutsu exchange ends when Sasuke came home from learning the Chidori him! He loved were hurt or threatened always defended him and started writing something completely in Japanese, so イタチ! Arrival, instructing Kisame to not kill him if he wanted to be diligent and.! Scratched his forehead protector and the chameleon summon with a weapons pouch strapped to his little brother by being in.